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Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. W.B. Yeats

13 June

The Annual Hawes School Walk

Once again we have enjoyed the annual walk. This animoto shows how we enjoyed it up until the rain came pouring down! All the photos and videos were taken by the children on the way around … nice photography chaps.


28 Responses to “The Annual Hawes School Walk”

  1. Josh's mum says:

    The walk was lovely (until the rain!) which started just as we arrived at the lunch stop!! The children were all absolutely fantastic no one complained despite being "soaked to the skin"! Well done everyone and fantastic photo’s x

  2. Megan B (Middleham) says:

    Is that tiring? It looks like hard work! I once climbed to the top of Pen Hill – it was exciting and I enjoyed the view from the top. I’d like to do a sponsored walk too.

  3. megan barber says:

    Is that tiring.I hope you enjoyed it

  4. Josh says:

    Dear Hawes Community Primary School It looks like your walk was really long. I wish I could go on a walk that long.Josh from 3/4G bloggers

  5. Gabrielle and Sarah says:

    Dear Mr. Eldridge, We LOVE the ponies and other photos! We also like the music to it. It is very realaxing. How long did you walk? It is a fantastic video.What was your favorite part? From Gabriellle in 4WS and Sarah in 2L 🙂 8)

  6. Mrs Monaghan says:

    Walking in the upper dale is one of my favourite things to do. The wettest walk I have ever been on was on a Scottish Munro called, ironically, Cruich Ardrain (hard rain???) where I was soaked to the skin within about 10 minutes of setting off… it was like some form of torture so you guys did amazingly well to keep your spirits up! Let’s see if Middleham can be as cheerful – we’re going to Foxglove Covert for the day tomorrow, and the forecast is… English Midsummer! Heavy downpours!!!Mrs M

  7. Emma says:

    I thought that the sponsored walk was great fun and we all had smashing time with all are friends. I thought all the pictures were taken so well and everybody looked so happy.

  8. Edward says:

    It looks very good! How far did you walk? Where did you start walking from and where did you finish?

  9. Ethan A says:

    Where did you waik ?

  10. Archie uk says:

    It was a nice idea to go on a walk and raise money as well where did you go and did you climb any hills? Once I did a sponserd runand I finished in forth place. Would you want to do it next year.

  11. Milly uk says:

    Wow that walk sounded grait, did you all enjoy it ? I would have but not the rain. Do you realy do the walk every year? and what charity did you do the sponserd walk for? last off all i would like to say it is realy amaizing what you are doing.

  12. Dear Mr EOur school does a walk every year too. It is called the Terry Fox walk. what kind of trail did you go on. Do you walk alot. We hope you had fun. From, Kaitlyn in The Classroom Connectionand Amber in 2Land Alyssa in 45FI

  13. Alex,Macauley and chloe says:

    Dear mr EldridgeWhere did you go walking?Did you go walking all day?Was it fun to walk in the rain?Everyone shoud have worn rain coats and then the rain wouldn’t have been so bad.You sould raise money for a good cause for walking.From:Alex,Macauley and Chloe.

  14. Anna says:

    Children are just the most incredible creatures I could ever imagine! Don’t you agree? I mean, we had about 3 hours of really hard rain, everyone was COMPLETELY wet, as if we had jumped into the river, it was about 8 degrees cold and those lovely children just kept on smiling! Watching them, as they were running around, laughing, with their faces full of happiness and joy…it just makes you feel good! (even if your clothes are oozing with water :-D) THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE PART IN THIS GREAT EVENT! I REALLY ENJOYED THIS WALK, DESPITE THE RAIN.Anna (Swiss teacher in training)

  15. David Eldridge says:

    Thanks Mrs Todd. The 4 year olds went on a mile walk. The 5+ did the full monty, that took about 4 hours. They were very wet at the end! Dales are valleys. Valleys is perhaps more of a Welsh term, Dales are Yorkshire. We also call the low hills ‘fells’. About 1100 years ago our part of what is now England had the ‘Norwegian’ vikings and some of the geographical language has transferred. Mr E

  16. Brenda Todd says:

    You certainly have a lovely place to take a walk. How far did the short legs walk in their part? The scenery is beautiful. I love the rock walls/fences. The term dale does that refer to a valley. The rain made the adventure different. I love setting on my screened/covered porch and listening to the rain fall. I also love seeing things in nature. Nature can be a great teacher. Watch and observe and you’ll be amazed all you see and learn. Your pictures are great. I want to share them with students so they can see the possiblities. Mrs. T

  17. Bella says:

    I really enjoyed the sposerd walk.Wish i could do it again. Pitty I carn’t do it next year as i’m not here.

  18. George says:

    The sponsered walk was brilant becouse we injoyed seeing the wildlife and the veiw.It was a good day.until we where getting back we got drenchedGeorge

  19. jack says:

    The sponsered walk is a fantastic thing to do, I like the picture were the sheep was looking at the camera its a nice thing to sponsor for.

  20. kory says:

    The sponserd walk was awesome exept the part when it rained

  21. mary says:

    wow the pictures are really good! exellent

  22. David Eldridge says:

    Mrs bell, Mrs Dooley is never confused! Unless she is trying to understand me! The videos were on an iPod Touch, but I really like Flip videos for this sort of thing. Giving the children the cameras is the main thing.Mr E

  23. Harrison says:

    Looks like the walk was fun but a little wet, it rained here in Italy on Saturday but has been sunny since. Went to pompeii yesterday and on a cable car ride today.mum was scared! Looking forward to getting back to see my friends

  24. Mrs Bell says:

    Your photography was really good, especially by the person who took the photo of Mrs Dooley looking confused. Did she have a map? What kind of video camera did you use? We have a ‘flip’ video camera and I’m always looking to see which kinds of cameras are child proof and simple for adults to use too. I hope you’ve all dried out now!

  25. David Eldridge says:

    Thanks Mrs Y, I very much like children’s photography, they end up teaching me! How could an old guy like me do the walk Casslyn? Anyway I have to put the cones out and sit in my car keeping dry whilst I watch it rain! Actually i only have one lung and I’d slow you down.you all did really well.Mr E

  26. casslyn says:

    I realy liked the sponsored walk although, I don’t see why Mr.Eldridge couldn’t do it as well!

  27. Mrs G says:

    Lovely photography showing us what a stunning place we live in. Well done everyone for completing the walk in such terrible weather, Was there anything you saw on this walk you had never seen or noticed before?

  28. Marg Y says:

    Congratulations on the walk and the photography! We are focusing on photography at present and I can’t wait to show my students your great shots! There’ll be lots to discuss as we have had a photography teacher in to skill us up a little. I love the one of the old, twisted tree! Magical!Marg Y

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