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07 May

Our Collaboative History/ICT Project with The Dale’s Museum

We have recently been involved with developing a project at our local museum that included using QR Codes. This project was supported by Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning. We hope you enjoy this video put together for us professionally as part of the project. We would like to say a big thank you to all the people at the Museum and Andrew Lickley at YHGFL.


12 Responses to “Our Collaboative History/ICT Project with The Dale’s Museum”

  1. Jon Farley says:

    What an inspiring project – well done to everyone involved. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were to find out more about their history. I love the idea of QR codes down Hawes High Street.

  2. Mrs. Watson says:

    Dear Mr. E and Hawes students,Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful learning you are doing inside of your classroom and in your community. I have not had the chance to use QR codes before, but it is something I have wanted to learn more about. It was wonderful seeing how engaged you all were in what you were doing! What a fantastic project you had a chance to be a part of. I would love to see something like this at our local museum (although I’m not sure they are quite ready for the technology).Thank you for once again teaching me something new and giving me something to think about. I find my learning to do list getting bigger every day and I find that very exciting!Your friend,Mrs. W

  3. Mrs S says:

    Well done class 3 you have worked hard and made a lovely presentation.

  4. Nicole says:

    I think the video was ok. The reason I thought it was ok because I was not in it and I like being filmed and having my photo taken! but other that that it was good. Do you liked being fimed?

  5. Megan says:

    I really enjoyed going to the mueseum. I did a lot of scanning the codes. We also did a bit of rug making. I am not in the video. While the years 4 and 5 were getting filmed us year 4 children were icing buns for the great open evening. The open evening was cool. our parents came to see what we had done over the weeks. Have you ever been involved in anything like this?

  6. Kory says:

    I really enjoyed the museam project.I liked seeing myself on the video. I thought it was great of the museum to give up their time for our school to come down to the museum and do lots of projects.

  7. Aaron says:

    It looks like there was a lot of close ups of me on that video. Maybe I could be a actor.

  8. David Eldridge says:

    I will send an e-mail to you Carol. Essentially one needs a thing to focus on, in this case items in the museum. Then how one wants children to engage and personalise that theme. in this instance children combined doing research with creating stories of their own and stories relating to their families history. Once the work/ideas are brought together and are ready to be shared, it is then that the QR Codes come into play. Whilst the PSBs are one way of reading QR Codes, smart phones and netbooks…any device almost with a camera can also do this. Having the museum as a base was excellent and the children especially liked looking in the vaults. However the history of your school, specified area in your town would work. For example the history of the shops and buildings in our High Street would work. Then a QR Code could be pasted in every shop window!Mr E

  9. Carol says:

    Thanjk you for sharing this incredible project. Enjoying technology that uses the medium children use in their daily lives is important to learning. Can you detail the steps and material s needed for this project? I can equally say Glogster EDU is a challenge but well worth the effort and the children will be equally commenting, this is fun.

  10. David Eldridge says:

    Thanks for these comments. QR Codes do seem to offer something, certainly in the museum context, but I like technology to meet the children’s and teachers needs and am less keen on finding uses for new technology. That said QR Codes will be something that I hope we will be using again. Linking up with local museums and marrying new and old technology really isvery uplifting. Mr E

  11. Mrs McKenzie says:

    Dear Hawes PrimaryWhat a great project to be involved in – that is real learning in a real context and it can’t get any better than that!I always enjoy reading about the things that your school is involved in.RegardsMrs McKenzie

  12. Claire Bee says:

    What a fantastic project to be involved in! There is something exciting about seeing motivated and engaged children in a museum surrounded by artefacts from the past using cutting edge technology. QR Codes are something I would really like to get my head around – I envy you and your teacher to have had this experience. Maybe one day soon, you could share with us what you know and get us going on a QR codes?!

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