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Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. W.B. Yeats

28 February

Just for Mrs M …

This is the best I could do picture wise Mrs M, it gives you an idea of what I am doing. One of the difficulties is getting the children to believe they can participate in our blog as independent learners and thinkers. I think the last few weeks have been spent creating the structure of the blog and a small audience. I now hope that by Easter there will be many people contributing regularly who do not at the moment. There is some potentially very interesting work about marketing and motivation that could be covered.

Mr E

10 Responses to “Just for Mrs M …”

  1. Hi Mr. E. Just thought I would send you alittle msg to let you know that I finished my Blogging Board today. The kids were so excited to see their pics with their speech bubbles beside each face. Thank you again for letting me use this great idea. I blogged about it today on <i>The Classroom Connection</i>. Check it out and let me know what you think. I made sure to mention you in the post and link viewers back to your blog so they can take a look at the orignal blogging board. Thanks again!Happy Blogging, Mrs. Webb-Scheers

  2. Dear Mr. E and students,I like the cool space background and the way the blue lights are in it. I’m glad you started a new blog. We already have a lot of people visit our blog. We had our blog for 1year, but our class has only used since September 7th. You should put pictures along with your blogs. There should be more interesting things, like science and animal things. To get more people on your blog you should have a blogging month. Once you send in a interesting comment you get a little peice of candy and you have a raffle.Sincerely,Sallie and Josh4th grade Techie Kids

  3. Dear Mr. E. and students,Welcome to the global blogging community! Your blog is really awesome! We love the background. How are you guys? We are happy to be one of your blog buddies. Maybe you should put some games on your blog. That way students who visit your blog will want to come back. Another good idea is to put jokes and riddles on your blog. We get a lot of comments from around the world becuase they like reading them. Here are a couple of questions for you. What time zone are you in? Do you know how many hours apart we are? We are interested to know if you are in school right now. Do you guys wear uniforms? We do not. Also, do you have school colors? Our school colors are red and white. We can’t wait to hear back from you!Your friends,The Techie KidsDeja, Nina, Kristen, Justin, and Junior5th graders in Michigan, USA

  4. Kornelija says:

    Thanks Mr Eldridge for the board, it’s interesting to look at. Did it take along time to put it up?

  5. Bella says:

    Thank you Mr Eldrige. Hope everybody can do more blogging safley.

  6. Mrs M says:

    Fantastic display – I like the flags etc to show your wider audience – where is your display? Do parents/visitors to the school see it too? Something else for us to think about when we set ours up! Thanks for putting it on line for me.

  7. David Eldridge says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Although we have only been blogging for a very short time we have become increasingly aware of the network of kind and helpful people that are out there and how everyone's comments powerthe engine of blogging. I would love you to use this idea in your school.<div> Mr E<br><br></div>

  8. Dear Mr. E,<b>FANTASTIC</b> display! I love how you put it all together and really showcased your blog along with the other blogs and all that can come from blogging. My students were so exctied to see <i>The Classroom Connection</i> was posted on the wall. They just couldn’t get over the fact that another school would have our blog picture up. Thank you for that! Do you mind if I borrow this idea to use in my own school? I am the only teacher blogging and I think this would really peek some interest in other teachers and students. Again, great job!From, Mrs. Webb-ScheersP.s. We received your Postcard today! We will reply with a postcard from our local area when we return from our spring break on March 14th

  9. David Eldridge says:

    Thanks Mrs W. We are of course very new to blogging, so I am working at lifting the profile. I’ve shown screenshots of some of the schools, such as yours, where they have listed our blog. I have then included other ideas. The photos with comments work really well. In England we talk a lot about the ‘children’s voice’, I find that asking the children what they want to say from their photo is absolutely worth while. Photos without comments seem to be missing something now. I’d be delighted if you took up the idea, I think that’s how we learn best

  10. Mrs. Watson says:

    Dear Mr. E and students,What a fantastic display! I love the pictures of the students and all their speech bubbles. What a great way to show what you are doing with your blog and the connections you are making. I would love to do something like this at our school if you wouldn’t mind me borrowing the idea.I loved seeing a picture of our blog on the board too. What a great surprise!I look forward to seeing your future posts and count myself lucky to be one of your blogging friends!Mrs. W

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