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Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. W.B. Yeats

03 March

Just a bit of fun!

We will be back with our cameras to record the true height of the fountain, 2-3 metres!

There’s a photo of it on our photos and questions page … photo 17.




33 Responses to “Just a bit of fun!”

  1. Grace, Chloe,Destiny says:

    Dear Hawes Community prymary school, We liked your expirement. How did you do it?from Grace chloe and Destiny

  2. shannon says:

    it ok after i bloged i read the bit about bloging it very cool tho and i have hade a go at home it was very good

  3. imogen says:

    Very good! I am going to try it at home in the summer.Bet it was fun to do it

  4. David Eldridge says:

    Hi Shannon at Bainbridge, I couldn’t use yourkind comment as it had your surname, first names only. However I am sure Mrs Hopwood could help you blog and explode coke!Mr E

  5. Mrs Heptonstall says:

    I would like to say hello to everyone at Hawes. I was very impressed by all the lovely things I saw at your school today. You are doing lots of exciting things and this ‘bit of fun’ is just one of them. I really like the way you are asking for comments and hope that you all keep up the good work!

  6. Mrs. Watson says:

    Dear Hawes students,I really enjoyed watching your video of the mentos fountain. I did this with a group of students several years ago and it was a "blast". For our fountain we drilled a hole in the lid about the diameter of a pencil. Then we took three or four mentos (can’t quite remember) and tied or taped them together. We tied a string to this and then suspended them in the bottle by pulling the string through the hole in the lid and then screwing it on. We held on to the string until we were ready and then let go and ran. We couldn’t believe how high the rocket shot into the air!I sure hope we will get to see more of your fun science experiments!Your friend,Mrs. W

  7. Sarah says:

    Hello!!! hawes school!!! i’m called Sarah and I go to barton C of E primary school.im in y6 and 10 yers old.when you did the explosion… was it amazing,cool,awesome or even wiked!!!?????I would choose all of them!!!!!it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy funny to wach on you’re blog 🙂 from Sarah xxx Thank you for reading my comment

  8. Annabel says:

    Hello! Hawes community primary school it looks like a really fun experiment. Once my friend put a Mento in her Fanta orange and it exploded all over her kitchen! I am from Barton C of E primary school I am in year six and eleven years old Thank you for reading my comment from Annabel

  9. I have enjoyed reading your blog- I am about to join the Postcard Project, and was browsing some of the addresses. I live in Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia and visited Hawes about 2 yrs ago, when I came back to England to visit my mother who lived in Richmond. I enjoyed looking at your photos and remembering some of the places I saw. Great work in your blog!

  10. Fareena says:

    Dear Hawks Community Primary SchoolI’ve seen your blog and it is great. Hopefully you can visit our blog as well. The address is http://34gblog.global2.vic.edu.au.I heard you are participating in the postcard project.Some people maybe sending you guys a comment.From Fareena and 3/4G in Melboure

  11. Hayden says:

    Dear k-3 Hawes Community Primary School, Town Head, Hawes, North Yorkshire, England, DL8 3RQYour blog is great I’m sure your having fun with your class. We have a blog as well which you might now, and thanks for sending a comment ciao Hayden and 3/4g HAVE FUN KIDS!

  12. Mrs G says:

    Wait till you see the new pictures and videos the children have done today, they knock these into oblivion, they will have children everywhere heading to the shops for mentos and diet coke. Parents beware!

  13. Bella says:

    That looks well fun. Hope we can do more stuff like that!

  14. Megan.I says:

    Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves I think it looks a great experient! I think that the cameraman/women was a bit wobbly though so you could improve that next time. Kaleigh had a good job, though she probably got soaked in coke. The fountain was quite high, though how high was it exactly? Are you doing it again tonight at computer club?

  15. Harrison says:

    I totely like the experrament because it was hilarious and funy .you did well to avoid the coke.wat did you drop in.

  16. Jack says:

    in computer club we did the diet coke and mentos experiment when we did itfelt fantastic to be out there watching. next time I hope I can put the mentosin the diet coke?

  17. Danielle parsons. says:

    It was fantastic I love It so much if we coud do it agane. I would want to put the mentos In or do the camera becouse it was a bit wobbly besides we all thort we wer going to get wet.CAN WE DO IT AGANE?

  18. izzie says:

    Wow, that was fantastic, did you have fun? It looked like it. How high did it go? It was brilliant, did any of get wet?

  19. Bethan says:

    I’m a year 5 from hawes school. I wasn’t involved in the coke experiment but everyone who was there said that they enjoyed it. Next time try and see if you could catch the coke as it came out of the bottle. Would it still fizz up if you put something different in? Please can you try and find out?

  20. Kory says:

    I really liked the experiment that you did it was really good kayleigh were you scared when you went up to the bottle? I would be afraid if I went up that close if I dropped the mint in the coke bottle I’d probably look down the bottle and then it would come spluttering out like a volcano and the coke would come out of the bottle and it would splat me in the face thats me for you ha ha How did you do it? from. Kory

  21. Nicole and libby says:

    We really liked your experiment it looks like it was exciting! Will you tell us how you did it? Please can you maybe do it with class 3?

  22. Mary says:

    Wow! That’s amazing! How high did it go? I suggest you make the bottle more secure, you could maybe put the bottle in a container. Other than that I thought it was great! What did you think of it ?

  23. Kornelija says:

    Wow! That experiment looks like good fun kayleigh, how did you do it? Were you scared when you got close to the bottle? I wish I could do it!

  24. Aaron says:

    That looks really fun I have seen it before and it went about two meteres high.

  25. David Eldridge says:

    Mrs M, we are improving the video tomorrow …I hope! I’ve seen spouts of 3m-4m The recipe is just 4/5 mentos into a 2 litre bottle of diet coke.

  26. David Eldridge says:

    Thanks for these ideas Burnham. We are hoping to improve both the experiment and the filming tomorrow. I hadn’t thought about improving the base … good suggestion. There are some wonderful you tube videos of mentos and diet coke. In English schools you tube is blocked .. Maybe you can get it.I hope the new children that have moved into your school after the earthquake are settling down.thanksMr E

  27. Mrs F says:

    One of my boys says he remembers doing a similar experiment. It looks like an exciting experiment.

  28. Mrs M says:

    How high did it go??? Send us your ‘recipe’ and we’ll see if we can do it in our school too!

  29. Room 2 says:

    We liked your experiment,We suggest that you make a stronger foundation for the coke bottle. Matthew thought to nail four pieces wood into square then force the coke into the middle square.Room, Burnham school.nz

  30. chloe says:

    Great fountain kayleigh. How did you do it? Did you do it at a club?. Were you scared when you went closer to it? It looks lots of fun. I wishI could do.

  31. Nana Stephenson says:

    Wow. Who needs fire works.

  32. David Eldridge says:

    We just added mintos to diet coke! It’s something that nobody really understands. We will be trying to produce an improved video if you want to join in Sam. Mr E

  33. sweetshopsam says:

    This looks like great fun. What did you use to make the fountain go so high?

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