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Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. W.B. Yeats

10 June

And then it rained!

Every year we have a sponsored walk day to raise funds for school. All the children (75) set off on a walk at around 10:00 and get back about 15:00. This year the weather was great when they started, but by the time I met up with them they were very wet. Luckily nursery (3-4) had done their shorter walk for shorter legs in the morning. These lovely girls were helping collect the safety cones in and established a new headwear fashion. Everyone was very wet when they got back. However all had smiles on their faces and the adult helpers and of course the teaching staff were as always fabulous. Half way round they stopped at the pub, for suitable refreshments! Two people made a donation of £15 in cash, because they were so impressed by the cheerfulness and general good nature of the children, really a lesson for life.


10 Responses to “And then it rained!”

  1. Verity says:

    You look really funny with those safety cones on your heads. Why did you put them on your heads? I feel very sorry you had to do the walk in the rain. I think it is a really good idea and I think we should do it at our school.

  2. Dear Mr EWhat are you guys wearing on your head..! We donot have those in Canada. was it fun in the rain! How long did you walk..!From, Amberin2LKaitlynin4WSAlyssain45FIps our question mark is not working so sorry for the punctuation!!

  3. Danielle says:

    Wher was this at? It lookt good.

  4. David Eldridge says:

    Oh I remember the 'great rain', I have never seen children so wet, actually not even swimming.<br>Happy days.<br><br>Mr E

  5. Sarah Beveridge says:

    You look so happy! Why was that? Was it because you just couldn’t possibly have got any wetter or was it because you were with other people laughing about it or both? Laughing helps so much more than complaining, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s hard to do it, especially when things are very difficult.I once camped in Paris and there was a terrible storm, the banks of the Seine broke and our tent (with everything in it) was COMPLETELY under water and thick, brown mud. The following morning….well… you can imagine! It was the first day of our trip so we had to decide whether to go home or just carry on. We carried on and soon forgot it. I remember going on a school visit with Mr E when it rained. None of the children had coats so we had to buy black bin liners and rip hole in them for heads and arms! I wonder if he remembers that too…Anyway, well done for persevering AND smiling while you did it.Mrs B from Barton

  6. David Eldridge says:

    Nice comments megan. I have done a lot of walking and climbing and a lot of it has been in the rain. I spent 9 months in India, that was quite adventurous. Choose your challenges well and then you will enjoy them.Mr E

  7. Megan.I says:

    I was pretty much drenched when I got back to school. Most years it is quite nice weather and we were complaining about the heat last year! My hands were numb and a bit blue. I couldn’t feel my arms and my feet had gone for a swim in my boots! Probably the wettest sponswered walk in history. At least we will raise a lot of money for the school. When I got home I made sure that I was in warm clothes and snuggled up under a blanket watching TV! Have you ever done any thing as adventurous as this?

  8. David Eldridge says:

    What a great point Mr HH, I have just come in from a bucket collection…only two hours of rain.Mr E

  9. Bedale Primary CE Primary School says:

    The weather makes the walk an even bigger achievement, and no English event would be quite right without a bit of rain. Well done everyone.

  10. Mrs Bell says:

    What brave souls you are! What are you going to spend the money on – umbrellas possibly?

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